Ask your MP to raise the issue of PFAS in drinking water in Parliament.  

There is an increasing body of evidence suggesting the potential for negative health effects from PFAS in UK water – today and for future generations.

The RSC’s research shows that PFAS are present in UK surface and groundwaters. Some evidence has shown negative health outcomes from PFAS exposure, such as increased cholesterol, immune suppression, and possible carcinogenic effects. 

We need a plan to make sure that PFAS in drinking water are effectively managed and their harms prevented.  

We are calling on the Government to: 

  • Establish new statutory action standards for PFAS in drinking water with a maximum concentration of 10 ng/L per single PFAS and 100 ng/L for the overall summed concentration of all PFAS. 

  • Ensure the many hundreds of sources of PFAS are reported and captured in a national inventory.  

  • Impose and enforce stricter regulatory limits on allowable levels of PFAS in industrial discharges. 

  • Develop plans for a national chemicals regulator to provide better strategic coordination.  

You can help make sure government is paying attention to this issue by writing to your MP and asking them to raise the issue with government. 

Simply fill in your name and details below, and you will be able to review a pre-written email to send directly to MP. If you'd like, you can also personalise the email to include information about your own experiences and knowledge on this topic. The RSC have developed a policy position on this topic, which can be found here.


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