Ask your elected representative to support additional funding for teacher training - Step 1

A recent Royal Society of Chemistry survey found that trainee/student teachers and first year teachers of the sciences felt that their teacher training has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Of the student and first year teachers surveyed:

  • 78% of trainee teachers and 56% of first year teachers feel they had less training opportunities in teaching practicals than what they needed;
  • 52% of trainee teachers and 46% of first year teachers feel/felt completely or quite unprepared to teach practical chemistry sessions;
  • 82% of trainee teachers and 67% of first year teachers would like to have additional support and training on teaching practicals;
  • 50% of trainee teachers and first year teachers said that they had their training impacted by additional caring responsibilities and/or little or no internet access and/or health concerns.

We are calling on the UK governments to provide funding for continuous professional development (CPD), with a focus on practical work for teachers of all sciences who trained during the pandemic. 

You can support our campaign by writing to your elected representative to highlight the unique challenges that new and trainee science teachers are facing, and ask them to use their position to call for CPD funding.

Simply fill in your name and details below, and you will be able to review a pre-written email to send directly to your elected representative. If you'd like, you can also personalise the email to include information about your own experiences and knowledge on this topic.

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